Watch BMP Tahoe on PBS special “Lake Tahoe: Can We Save It?”


 BMP Tahoe appears on KQED PBS Quest Science Special!

Lake Tahoe: Can We Save It?

October 14, 2013

BMP Tahoe along with a handful of other helpful sources informed the public of the importance of water clarity in the Tahoe basin.  BMP Tahoe is filmed installing and describing the advantages of residential and commercial BMP’s (Best Management Practices).


“Our goal is to provide clients with creative, cost effective, sustainable solutions to BMP and landscaping designs. We are dedicated to developing new practices that will both protect Lake Tahoe and beautify properties at the same time. We design native landscaping solutions that reduce water consumption and the need for excessive fertilization, while accentuating the natural beauty of the Lake Tahoe region.  As a design/build firm we are equipped to produce BMP and landscaping designs that are provable on paper, as well as feasible, functional and cost-effective to construct.”

We specialize in the re-design of conventional BMP Retrofit designs in order to use green, low impact design. This process can greatly reduce the cost of construction for the property owner.

-Rob Basile

Owner, BMP Tahoe



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Post by: Travis Shelton