Leaders Applaud $415 Million Federal Lake Tahoe Restoration Bill



On August 1, news of Lake Tahoe’s $415 Restortation Bill was announced. Political sponsorship included–Sentator Dianne Feinstein of California, cosponsored by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, & Senator Barbra Boxer of California. The plan invests 10 years of federal government aid in the Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP). The EIP’s main mission include:

  • Improving water clarity and overall lake clarity
  •  Reducing risk of catastrophic wildfire
  •  Repealing the introduction of aquatic invasive species at the lake 

The EIP, one of the most ambitious restoration efforts in the nation, addresses water
quality, air quality, transportation, forest management, recreation and scenic beauty at
Lake Tahoe by funding and implementing capital improvement projects targeting these
key areas. While improving Lake Tahoe’s legendary clarity is a top concern, the program
takes a holistic watershed-based approach to delivering a range of environmentally
beneficial projects.

Science is showing that our restoration programs are making progress protecting Tahoe’s air, water, and forests and this legislation provides an important commitment to continuing the work.

Joanne S. Marchetta,a

Executive Director of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency trpa


Public funding is necessary to keep North America’s largest alpine lake preserved.   Not only is the Bill allowing further protection of our environment, the Bill is also beneficial to sustaining an able and committed workforce.

 The introduction of this legislation is a vital step towards achieving the goals of the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) and reaffirming the federal government’s commitment to preserving this beloved destination in partnership with local government and private business.

Betty “B” Gorman, President and CEO of the Tahoe Chamber 


The Restoration Act represents the federal share of responsibility in this partnership that includes strong commitments from our local and state fire protection professionals.

Chief Ben Sharit, Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection



The Bill in a nutshell…

The proposed authorization over 10 years would accomplish the following:

  • Help restore Lake Tahoe’s water quality with at least $138 million for stormwater management and watershed restoration projects based on scientific data.
  •  Reduces the threat of wildfire in the Tahoe Basin. Authorizes $135 million over 10 years for hazardous fuels reduction projects to reduce the threat of fire in the Lake Tahoe Basin.
  •  Protects Lake Tahoe from the threat of Quagga mussels and other invasive aquatic species. The bill provides $30 million for watercraft inspections and removal of existing invasive species and requires all watercraft be inspected and decontaminated to prevent the introduction of invasive aquatic species. 
  •  Supports reintroduction of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. The legislation authorizes $20 million over 10 years for the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Recovery Plan. 
  •  Funds scientific research. The bill authorizes $30 million over 10 years for scientific programs and research that will produce information on long-term trends in the Basin and inform the most cost-effective projects.
  •  Increases accountability and oversight, and provides for public outreach and education.
  • Allows for increased efficiency in the management of public land by authorizingland exchanges between the USFS and the California Tahoe Conservancy. Currently, the Forest Service manages more than 3,200 urban parcels spread throughout the Basin

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