BMP Tahoe featured on PBS water clarity special!


Water clarity continues to improve in the Lake Tahoe Basin, recent studies have shown. Basile Management Practice will mark its 10th year protecting our beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Last year’s annual average clarity depth at the lake was recorded at 75.3 feet — more than an 11-foot improvement from the all-time worst recorded in 1997, according to data from the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center.

 Lake Tahoe Water Clarity Improving via  Huffington Post

Recently KQED PBS filmed our crew installing BMP’s (Best Management Practices) at local residencies in north Lake Tahoe.

Stay tuned for exact dates as the segment will be airing in October.

BMP’s are methods to help developed properties function more like natural, undisturbed forest and meadowland areas. Pollutants that do the greatest harm to Lake Tahoe’s clarity are nutrients and fine particles of sediment. Recent research shows that 72% of Tahoe’s worst pollutant, fine sediment, comes from urban runoff, including soil eroding from developed properties. Once in the lake, nutrients fuel algal growth, and fine sediments remain suspended in water; reducing its clarity.

How to install Residential Scale BMP’s in the Lake Tahoe



(Grading and leveling land  enhances water infiltration and reduces erosion)  (Grading and leveling land enhances water infiltration and reduces erosion)


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